Renegade Moto SX2 19 litre (£114.00)

Leaded, Oxygenated Formulation Specific for 2-Stroke Motocross, Circuit Bike and Kart Applications.

Renegade SX2 improved formula is an oxygen-rich leaded formulation made specifically for two stroke motocross applications. Renegade SX2 is not simply a base fuel with oxygen added like other fuels on the market. Renegade SX2 is a two stroke-specific performance formulation that is a result of rigorous research and development. Renegade SX2 delivers unmatched power and throttle response, with remarkable stability under a wide range of air density and temperature conditions.

Renegade SX2
Octane - R+M/2 104.5
Motor Octane 100
Research Octane 109
Specific Gravity 0.717
RVP 8.35
Leaded Yes
Stoich Ratio 14.21 : 1
Oxygen 5.6%
Color Light Purple