Renegade Pro 116+ (£98)

Leaded, Ethanol-Free High Octane Race and Performance Fuel

Renegade Pro 116+ is for serious drag racers and high compressions bracket racers that need to protect their investment while being consistent to the thousandth. Renegade Pro 116+ fuel will make your tuning job easier and you will be able to predict your performance more accurately. Renegade Pro 116+ provides protection for nitrous and non-nitrous configurations up to 16:1 at 9,500 rpm.

Renegade Pro 116+
Octane - R+M/2 117
Motor Octane 114
Research Octane 120
Specific Gravity 0.705
RVP 4.25
Leaded Yes
Stoich Ratio 14.99 : 1
Oxygenated No
Color Red