Renegade Pro 120 Nitrous 19 litre (£120.00)

Leaded, Ethanol-Free Extremely High Octane Race Fuel

Renegade Pro 120+ Nitrous is the big brother of our Pro 120+ fuel. Renegade Pro 120+ Nitrous fuel has our proprietary additive package to help lubricate the valve train and cylinders for nitrous applications, while also helping to prevent nitrous implosions. Renegade Pro 120+ Nitrous formulation provides added protection for super exotic configurations that spray nitrous. The best nitrous fuel available!!

Renegade Pro 120+ NOS
Octane - R+M/2 120+
Motor Octane 120
Research Octane 120+
Specific Gravity 0.706
RVP 4.35
Leaded Yes
Stoich Ratio 15.0 : 1
Oxygenated No
Color Orange