Renegade Pro E112 19 litre (£75)

Ethanol, Leaded, Highly-Oxgenated Premium Quality Racing Grade Version of E85

Renegade Pro E112 is our leaded version of E85 and is a premium quality racing grade ethanol product. Renegade Pro E112 is a specially blended to produce maximum power and engine protection. Renegade Pro E112 is made with premium alkylates and race quality ethanol which produces the highest consistentcy for a blend of E85 racing fuel. No need for further fuel testing re-mapping or tune-ups.

Renegade Pro E112
Octane - R+M/2 118
Motor Octane 117
Research Octane 119
Specific Gravity 0.780
RVP 3.7
Leaded Yes
Stoich Ratio 9.89 : 1
Oxygenated Yes
Colour Gold