Renegade Pro E85 19 litre (£60)

Ethanol, Unleaded, Highly Oxygenated, High Octane Pure Race Grade Ethanol

Renegade Pro E85 is a premium quality racing grade ethanol product. Renegade Pro E85 is far from a pump gas blended ethanol product. Renegade Pro E85 is made with premium cut alkylate and the purest ethanol which produces a high quality, totally consistent blend of racing fuel that eliminates the need for regular testing and changing tune-ups.

Renegade Pro E85
Octane - R+M/2 100.1
Motor Octane 91.6
Research Octane 108.6
Specific Gravity 0.778
RVP 3.72
Unleaded Yes
Stoich Ratio 9.91 : 1
Oxygenated Yes
Colour Orange