Renegade Pro E98 - 5 US Gallons (£64)

Ethanol, Unleaded, Highly Oxygenated, High Octane Pure Race Grade Ethanol

Renegade Pro E98, when you need the added benefits of a higher percentage of ethanol Renegade Pro E98 provides it. Renegade Pro E98 is just what you are looking for. Formulated with 98% Race Grade Ethanol and 2% of a premium hydrocarbon component, you will get the extra cooling and high octane value that race quality Renegade Pro E98 Ethanol provides. The consistency and performance of Renegade Pro E98 will allow you to crank up the power and take advantage of all the performance your engine can deliver.

Renegade Pro E98
Octane - R+M/2 99
Motor Octane 91
Research Octane 107
Specific Gravity 0.792
RVP 2.92
Unleaded Yes
Stoich Ratio 9.12 : 1
Oxygenated Yes
Colour Turquoise