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Toyo R888 Tyres


Toyo Tyres must be paid for separately from any other goods.

Toyo Proxes R888 -

The ultimate high performance
road legal track tyre

Toyo 888s are probably the most popular track tyre in use today. With the added advantage of being road legal you can drive to and from the track without having to change your wheels. They are E marked and listed 1b in the MSA blue book.

Toyo R888 Tyres

Excellent for Track day use and circuit racing.

The handling characteristics of Toyo Proxes R888s are excellent both in the dry and wet but should not be used in extreme wet conditions as they have limited anti aquaplaning abilities.

The Toyo R888 has been developed to deliver maximum dry handling and quick lap times for racing and track days and not for everyday road use.

You should avoid using 888s on the road during the winter.