Liquid Power Unscented Clear Top Lube (£17.99)

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Liquid Power Top Lube prevents fuel washdown.

Each 16 ounce bottle of Top Lube treats:
55 gallons of methanol
100 gallons of ethanol
150 gallons of gasoline
250 gallons of Diesel

Lubricates upper cylinder and fuel system

Specially formulated top lube for alcohol, nitro, gasoline, and diesel use.

Reduces top end friction and prevents corrosion and gelling.

Superior ring seal for more compression and increased horse power.

Safe for injectors, O2 sensors and catalytic converters.

All versions offer the same lubricating properties but vary in features such as colour, scent, and name.

UCTL  (16kg)

Liquid Power Unscented Blue Top Lube (£17.99)

UBTL  (16kg)

Liquid Power Grape Scented Top Lube (£17.99)

GSTL  (16kg)

Liquid Power Cherry Scented Top Lube (£17.99)

CSTL  (16kg)